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Report on Funded Activities

To be completed by all grantees one year after receiving a grant from JFJ or when submitting a proposal for a renewal grant.

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Date Prepared:

1. Name of Organization:

2. Purpose of Grant:

3. Period Covered by this report:

4. Report prepared by: (Name Title Phone)

Feel free to add extra pages.

5. Please restate the objectives described in your proposal, the outcomes since then, and how they were achieved. For any objectives you did not achieve or that were altered, explain why. Please be specific.

6. What difference has your organization made in fighting poverty in your community? Please provide concrete examples of outcomes, including the number of people affected. (Example: The living wage ordinance raised salaries of 150 people by an average of $3.50/hour and gave them health coverage).

7. Please describe any lessons learned through the process of carrying out your work or evaluating it.

8. For membership organizations: did your membership grow over the last year? If so, to what do you attribute the growth? If not, what hindered growth? Please provide numbers.

9. Did the grant from JFJ help leverage funds from other foundations or donors? How? Please be as specific as possible, including amounts.

10. Please provide personal stories of two individuals or families whose lives were positively affected by the results achieved by your organization.

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