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Spotlighting Grantees

The Jewish Fund for Justice is proud of every one of the over 500 grassroots organizations we have supported since 1984. All these community-based groups of low-income people of all backgrounds and faiths are working towards self-sufficiency and lasting improvements in their living and working conditions. They have created leaders and models to be emulated by others. While their victories are often hard fought, project-by-project, community after community, hundreds of lives have been changed by each and every one.


JFJ’s divides our grantees into six categories:

  • Economic Justice – JFJ supports groups that organize low-wage workers, the unemployed, workfare participants and allies to carry out living-wage campaigns, advocate for job training programs and hiring agreements, promote community economic development, and improve conditions in the workplace.

  • Women in Poverty - JFJ supports women-led groups that develop leadership, skills and support networks among women and girls, so they can combat the barriers faced by women seeking to get out poverty.

  • Investing in Youth - JFJ supports groups that improve the lives of young people and their communities by empowering youth to develop and lead issue campaigns on the issues that affect them, and by mobilizing parents to improve the quality of public education.

  • Assisting New Americans - JFJ supports groups that enable immigrants and refugees to gain a foothold in society by educating and organizing them to assert their rights, particularly in the workplace, to combat anti-immigrant policies, and to fight harassment, exploitation and scapegoating.

  • Building Community - JFJ supports institution-based groups that recruit community institutions--often congregations--as members, develop highly skilled leadership, promote personal as well as community transformation, use relationship-building techniques, and hold government and business decision-makers accountable for meeting democratically-determined demands.

  • Engaging Jews in Social Justice - JFJ supports groups and projects that advance grassroots Jewish social justice activism by educating, training and mobilizing Jews to advocate and organize on urban poverty and justice issues in partnership with other community-based groups.

Our grantees’ victories, large and small, make us all one-step closer to a more fair and just society in which poverty is not tolerated.


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