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JFJ provides matching grants to synagogues that participate with community groups or churches in faith-based community organizing groups. A synagogue challenge grant may be used to train synagogue members, cover the membership dues for participation in a faith-based organizing group or coalition, or pay the direct expenses of organizing/advocacy activities. JFJ synagogue challenge grants will match other funds raised by synagogues up to $2500.

To be eligible for funding, a project will:
· Involve the synagogue in organizing and advocating for economic justice with low-income partners on an ongoing basis;
· Involve synagogue members in activities that extend beyond fundraising, such as leadership training and conducting issue campaigns; and
· Involve low-income partners directly in the leadership, planning and implementation of the project.

Example: Temple Israel is a member of Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, a local faith-based organizing group. The synagogue is active in GBIO’s campaign to build affordable housing. Temple Israel received a synagogue challenge grant to cover part of the cost of a part-time organizer who will provide training to Temple Israel members and involve them in GBIO’s campaign to win state funding for an affordable housing trust fund. Temple Israel will match JFJ’s synagogue challenge grant with dues income to pay the rest of the organizer’s salary.


Because our application process is extremely competitive, we require that you speak with a JFJ program officer before submitting an application. Proposals submitted without the prior authorization of JFJ program staff will not be accepted.

Your application should include:

1. Face Sheet
The attached Face Sheet will give us a quick synopsis of your synagogue.

2. Proposal Description
This 3 to 5 page narrative should include the following:
· Background on your synagogue
· Reasons why your synagogue is participating the faith-based community organizing group
· A brief description of the faith-based community organizing group
· Description of how the synagogue will participate in social justice work with the faith-based community organizing group (please include a timeline)
· List of anticipated outcomes of the synagogue’s social justice work. Please include both internal outcomes (e.g., members involved in social justice work, new leaders and relationships created by the social justice work) and external outcomes (e.g., units of affordable housing created, number of workers whose wages were raised by what amount). Please be as specific and concrete as possible.

3. Financial Information
Please include:
· A budget for the congregation’s social justice work
· An overall congregational budget
· A description of what the synagogue challenge grant from JFJ will be used for
· A description of where the synagogue’s match will come from
· Proof of the synagogue’s nonprofit status
· A list of any other funders for the synagogue’s social justice work

4. Optional Attachments
You may submit the following as attachments:
· Newspaper articles about the synagogue’s social justice work
· Synagogue bulletins, sermons, study guides, or other synagogue materials that address the synagogue’s social justice work

Applications are typically due by July 1 for the fall cycle or January 15 for the spring cycle. Speak to a program officer about current cycles. Please do not spend extra money to send proposals by Federal Express or Express Mail. Send proposals to:

Emily North
Grantmaking Associate
Jewish Fund for Justice
330 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1401
New York, NY 10001
212-213-2113 ext. 28
212-213-2233 (fax)

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