Partnerships & Links


Partnerships & Links

Jewish Social Justice Network

Established in 2000 and incubated at the Jewish Fund for Justice, the Jewish Social Justice Network (JSJN) is the only national effort dedicated to building and supporting grassroots Jewish social justice organizing in the United States. Our member groups use community organizing, advocacy, activism, education and training to increase Jewish participation in issues central to repairing the gaps in America’s social fabric: protecting the rights of immigrants and workers, defending and broadening civil rights and civil liberties, combating poverty, enfranchising and de-criminalizing youth, fighting for healthcare, housing, education and social services, and working against bigotry, hatred, racism and violence.

JSJN seeks to strengthen the endeavors of its member organizations; broaden this work by supporting similar, emerging efforts; and build the visibility of Jewish social justice endeavors. JSJN does this to help grow the movement of Jews engaged in change-making, to enhance the effectiveness of the organizations doing so in their communities every day and to meaningfully contribute to social change in the U.S. JSJN builds the capacity of its member groups through information-sharing, training and technical assistance, leadership development and opportunities for collaborative work, and strategically collaborates with national Jewish and social justice organizations in ways that create opportunities for JSJN member groups’ involvement and strengthen Jewish participation in local social justice work.

JSJN and its member groups are non-partisan, non-profit and reach out to Jews of all ages and backgrounds across the spectrum of Jewish affiliation and identity.

We welcome your input, involvement and support. Please visit our web site at


THE FUNDERS’ COLLABORATIVE ON YOUTH ORGANIZING (FCYO) is a collective of national, regional, and local foundations, and youth organizing practitioners whose mission is to substantially increase the philanthropic investment in and strengthen the organizational capacities of groups engaging young people in community organizing across the country.

Our goals are to:

  • Increase the level of funding directed towards youth organizing groups;
  • Support youth organizing groups to develop stable and sustainable organizations; and
  • Increase the awareness and understanding of youth organizing among funders and community organizations.

The FCYO grew out of conversations between a group of funders, with youth organizers, to explore a developing area of engaging youth in community development and social change. Because of the lack of awareness and support for this innovative work, those funders determined a critical need for a specialized, learning mechanism that would:

  1. strengthen and support efforts that engage youth in community organizing;
  2. strengthen the philanthropic support for the work overall; and
  3. collect and disseminate information about its models, strategies, and successes.

Its three-prong, mutually reinforcing strategy for strengthening youth organizing focuses on: Outreach and Education efforts to private foundations to increase funding, and to funders and community groups to build support and awareness, and; coordinated Grantmaking and Capacity Building efforts to strengthen groups through intensive technical assistance, peer learning, and documentation.

For more information, our grant guidelines, or publications available for download, please visit our website at

Areyvut is an organization that seeks to integrate the values of chesed, tzedakah and tikkun olam into the world of Jewish education. Areyvut’s goal is to train Jewish educators throughout the United States and provide them with the resources to better incorporate these ideals into their core curricula.


RAVSAK - The Jewish Community Day School Network, is the North American association of non-denominational Jewish day schools uniquely committed to tikkun olam, derekh eretz, and Zionism in pluralistic settings. RAVSAK shares the Jewish Fund for Justice's passion for economic and social justice - a passion reflected in their fast growing network of more than 75 schools. For more information, please contact Dr. Marc N. Kramer, Executive Director of RAVSAK at 646-698-3662, or visit their website at

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