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Khmer Girls in Action

Khmer Girls in Action (KGA) is an organization of young Cambodian-American women living in Long Beach, California, where teenagers live in fear of racial profiling and police brutality. Police in this city routinely harass Cambodian-American kids, treating them like troublemakers even if they’re not doing anything wrong. KGA teaches young people about the rights they have when they’re dealing with the police so that they can protect themselves from police harassment and brutality.

Oakland Kids First

The youth of Oakland Kids First (OKF) are angry that their schools are filthy and aren’t preparing students for college. Last year OKF surveyed over 1,000 of their classmates about what was going on in the schools. Then they brought the results to the school board, who agreed to support a
resolution giving students more of a voice and increasing Student Councils’ power to improve schools. The kids of OKF are definitely making sure that students’ voices get heard loud and clear.

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